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Samsung BD-C6900 3-D Blu-ray Disc Player-Shop Twenty Four Seven Uganda
Samsung BD-C6900 3-D Blu-ray Disc Player-Shop Twenty Four Seven Uganda
Samsung BD-C6900 3-D Blu-ray Disc Player-Shop Twenty Four Seven Uganda

Samsung BD-C6900 3-D Blu-ray Disc Player

UGX 2,150,000


  • Full 1080p Video Output
  • 3-D Ready
  • Online Entertainment Streaming
  • Streams Netflix, YouTube, and Slacker
  • HDMI 1.3 Deep Color
  • 24Fs Mode For Great Movie Viewing
  • Dolby and DTS Advanced Audio Codecs
  • Progressive Mode For Great DVD Video
  • DVD Upscaling
  • Quick Start Mode

The Samsung BD-C6900 3-D Blu-ray Disc Player is one of the world's first 3-D Blu-ray disc players. But it packs a lot more into a case that's just a bit over an inch and a half high.

The 3-D revolution is here and it's happening all around us. It seems every week or two a new 3-D movie opens in theaters, which means the 3-D Blu-ray version will be here before you know it. This is the player you want, if you want to get in on all the fun. You'll also need a 3-D capable TV and 3-D glasses (both available separately) and then you can have your pick of the ever-expanding list of 3-D titles. The first time you hear your friends oohing and ahhing you'll be glad you've got 3-D theater in our home.

Of course it outputs Full HD (1920 by 1080p) and it's got all the latest bells and whistles. Plug it into your home broadband network via its RJ45 jack and open up a new world of free, paid and subscription-based content. Watch videos on Youtube. Listen to music on Pandora and Slacker Internet Radio. Check out the latest Facebook and Twitter content. Stream movies from Blockbuster and Netflix. Find out the latest headlines and sports scores from the Associated Press and USA today.

No matter what you watch it will look vivid and vibrant thanks to the player's HDMI 1.3 Deep Color output that puts out more colors than the human eye can perceive. That makes images smoother and eliminates the banding you can sometimes see even in HD content.

Samsung's Movie Frame 24Fs feature can output films at 24 frames per second (fps) to compatible TV sets and home theaters. The result is a smoother, more cinematic experience free of the "judder" that can show up in conventionally presented Blu-ray discs.

Audio is just as important as video these days so the C690 has a rich variety of surround sound processors from Dolby and DTS. Watching Blu-ray discs from this player is not only the ultimate visual experience but ultimate listening experience.

And you'll see your current DVD collection at their very best too. With Progressive mode and DVD Upscaling they'll look almost as good as your Blu-ray discs. Good enough that some of your friends may assume you've purchased Blu-ray versions of the DVDs you watch together.

In fact, you can surprise your friends simply by inserting a disc. Samsung even engineered-out that annoying pause it takes for the average player to start the show once you've inserted a disc.

The Samsung BD-C6900 is not only a great entertainer, it knows the show must go on. Quickly.

Full HD 1080p Video Output
Full HD 1080p video output provides the highest resolution HD images so you can take full advantage of your HDTV and the detail of Blu-ray disc video content. BD/DVD/CD and AVCHD compatibility lets you play your favorite Blu-ray disc movies, DVDs, audio CDs, and home movie AVCHD-format discs.
The Wonder of 3-D at Home
Your CS900 is ready to provide you with vivid new dimensions in picture depth and action that leap off the screen, right in your own home. It's designed to display stunning 3-D movies and enable you to play immersive 3-D games. You'll need a 3-D-compatible TV or home theater projector, 3-D programming and 3-D glasses (all available separately). Your CS900 will even give conventional 2-D discs and TV programs a 3-D look. But don't worry about making a big investment up front. Your 2-D DVDs and Blu-Ray discs will still look great. You can even start buying 3-D Blu-ray discs now before you have the complete 3-D setup and enjoy them in 2-D. But once you're all set up watch out! You might find yourself ducking when the action seems to come right at you.
Web-connected Samsung Apps Open a Whole New World
Once you've hooked up your CS900 to your high-speed Internet connection there's a wealth of free, paid and subscription-based content you can stream over the Internet. Watch Youtube videos on your big screen TV instead of your laptop. Stream the latest TV shows and movies via Blockbuster and Netflix. Play Monopoly and interactive card games from EA. Check out your friends' Facebook updates and Twitter tweets. Or catch the latest headlines and sports scores from the Associated Press and USA Today.
Stop Waiting With Ultra Fast Play
Even with all that great Internet content available you might want to occasionally sit down and actually watch a Blu-ray disc. Samsung believes there's always room for improvement. They applied this philosophy to eradicating the time it takes for a movie to actually start after inserting a disc into a Blu-ray or DVD player. Your BDP C6900 was engineered with Ultra Fast Play to eliminate those annoying load times. It gets you into the entertainment right away. So sitting down to watch your favorite drama no longer entails the drama of slow device booting and clumsy tray openings.
Connecting is Easy With AllShare
Now you can enjoy music, movies and photos from your PC and mobile devices, right on your Samsung TV screen. With your C6900's AllShare, wirelessly sync your PC or Samsung mobile phone with your TV, streaming content and even keeping tabs on who's calling and texting you with real-time monitoring on your screen. Samsung's AllShare makes staying connected easy.
Upscale Your DVD Collection.
Upscale your standard definition DVDs into higher resolution DVDs. Your favorite DVDs will feature brilliant details and rich, robust colors more like those you've come to enjoy from the high definition content on your HDTV.
DivX HD Playback For Even More Options
Do you have DivX videos you've downloaded onto your computer? Burn them to a CD or DVD and watch them on the big screen, courtesy of your C6900.
Anynet+ (HDMI CEC) Puts You In Charge With a Single Remote
Anynet+ is an AV Network system to automatically control Samsung Audio/Video (AV) devices. There's no need to use different remote controls for different devices. With the Anynet+ feature, all you need is one remote control for a simple and convenient experience.
Fewer distractions On a Fuller Screen
To maximize your viewing experience, to truly feel the power of on-screen portrayals, you need all the picture you can get. With the Screen Fit feature, the C6900 automatically converts 21:9 aspect ratio movies to 16:9 aspect, eliminating those annoying black bands crowding the scenes. Watch movies the way they were meant to be seen—with just one touch of the Screen Fit button.
Modernized – Minimized – Fully Realized
The BDP C6900 boasts a design that's both modernized and minimized, making it as much a part of your living room as it is your home theater system. With both top disc lighting and blue lighting, its logo shines when the player reads discs. Only 1.7" high, the C6900's slim body hides the disc loading door, but through its cool transparent window on top you can see what disc is playing. Factor in its sleek, chic metal finish and there's no doubt that this player has the high-end looks to match its high-end performance.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester