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Oculus Go Stand-Alone Virtual Reality Gaming Console, Grey, 64 GB (Android)

Oculus Go Stand-Alone Virtual Reality Gaming Console, Grey, 64 GB (Android)

UGX 2,900,000

Key Features:

Stay hooked for hours at a stretch in the virtual world where you can feel all the moments more intensely than ever before with the Oculus Go VR. It allows you to feel all the movements accurately. This Oculus VR has an extremely portable design that ensures ease of use. You can use the VR on-the-go as it does not requires any PC or wires. Thanks to the specially designed lenses, the Oculus VR enables you to see the visuals that are vivid and highly detailed for an immersive experience. The optimized 3D graphics and crystal-clear optics blend seamlessly together to provide exceptional visual clarity. The Spatial audio drivers are specially built into the headset to provide a cinematic, immersive listening experience. Its 32GB storage space allows you to store various games with the utmost ease. The VR is your perfect gaming companion.

Oculus Go

Excellent Fit

With the injection foam molding and breathable fabrics, the Oculus VR offers a comfortable and lightweight feel, ensuring long-lasting wearability. Its soft adjustable straps hold your head gently to ensure a comfortable and customized fit.

Oculus Go

Accurate Control

The intuitive controller of the Oculus Go VR allows you to navigate yourself into your favorite game in a far-off land. It allows you to seamlessly dodge the attacks, duck easily, and defeat your opponents with the utmost ease.

        Color: Blue, Purple, White
        Size: 20, 24
        Material: 100% Polyester


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